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Jumping Spiders (Part 1)

Jumping Spiders (Part 1)

My favorite arthropod. The Salticidae family has the furriest cutest voracious hunters. With their amazing multi-scopic eyesight, if they had the size of tigers, they would be truly fearsome predators, and you would not be safe from them, even at over 50 feet away!
Watching them jump from leaf to leaf, with their safety string in case their next perch moves away or the wind catches them in mid-flight, is really mesmerizing.
The way they turn around, like a tank looking for an enemy, once they spot prey, they will follow slowly and wait until the right time to jump and catch their prey with their fangs, palps and front legs.
I’m glad I’m not the right size to be prey. Although they have many times jumped on my lens. Really curious, always on the hunt.
These harmless (to us) predators are at the top of my list. If I see one, I will stay with him/her, until I get that sought-after frontal portrait.
Fascinating creatures, don’t miss a chance to watch them hunt. It’s fun and very interesting, and great to see them finally catch their prey.
Oh, and if you are a macro photographer, sometimes waiting for them to catch something really helps. Skittish creatures are easy to photograph when they’re feeding. Just please, let them eat, don’t prod them or scare them too much. They spend a LOT of energy hunting, and sometimes it will take MANY tries to finally catch their meal.


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Diane Pena


arthropods, jumping spiders, spiders


January 16, 2017